Where were you this time last year?

I for one, definitely was not sitting at a computer applying for graduate jobs. No siree! I was as far away from career-thoughts as person could ever be, speeding across Southeast Asia, dripping in sweat, possibly from the fire in my belly I feel when doing what I love – travelling. Or it could just be the insane heat. Eh, both.

It’s become a cliche, to be a student and travel, but it’s something I’ve always done. My parents still backpacked when were kids (I will never be phased by creepy hostels), even my father worked abroad for sometime. By nine years old, I was no stranger to travelling long-distance by myself.

Last summer, I had a couple months after finishing work before I had to return to England. Already in Asia, it just made sense to see more of it before leaving. And before I had ‘real’ responsibilities.

I’m sure I will get round to posting many pictures of that summer, but for now, I will leave you this beautiful sunset I was blessed to experience.


Angkor Wat, Cambodia


Photography, Travel

TBT 2012 ~ Cambodia