Mother’s day weekend was the perfect occasion to escape life in London and to head back to the countryside. Alex has the cutest nieces and nephew who are my favourite subjects to photograph – mainly because they’re not camera shy yet 🙂

Seriously, adults are so boring to take photos of!

And as it’s creepy to post these on instagram – I assume this is why no one likes my bebe photos – here are the pics of my favourite little dumplings. Have you ever seen so many blue eyed babies!

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Happy Mother’s Day

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Making beef brisket even more special

Lazy city people like myself rely heavily on pre-prepared food. I wish it weren’t so, but sometimes it’s a worthy sacrifice to have a few more minutes with my loved ones each evening.

With this oh so terrible sacrifice, M&S comes to my rescue. Although their 3 for £10 meat deal offers me flavour and convenience, they do come in tiny, tiny portions! And this is where some simple ingredients help bulk up and transform my dinner.

A combination of Pinterest and tube-time daydreaming…. I present my Beef Brisket sandwich!

Beef on a bed of creamy coleslaw, topped with a sunny side up egg. Freshly baked Mediterranean bread laced with roasted peppers and olives, gently dipped in the beef brisket juices.