In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Serenity.”

Water always makes me feel peaceful. There’s something about still water that evokes a sense of serenity.


This is a picture was taken after I had spent the day sightseeing in Seattle, and I was walking back to my friend’s place. It was really hot that day, and I was walking down a long built up road, when Lake Washington suddenly appeared in an opening between two buildings.





Day one is home.

I’m not a home person, I don’t really know what makes home home yet, but London is an amazing place to call that for now.

Here is a shot from one of my favourite places – Southbank.


Photography 101: Day one

Turtle head | British museum
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Byron Burger ~ Soho

Just a quick review and photo dump!

Post-museum hunger pangs, and some aimless wondering led us towards Byron burger in Soho for lunch.

Admittedly not our first choice to go eat – Honest burger, which is just around the corner, having the highest score for a burger joint on TripAdvisor, still manages to have a 1 hour wait during the week – wut? I say it has the highest burger-restaurant rating on TripAdvisor – but even that score was average at best.

Still, burgers we wanted. Burger and Lobster seemed a good second choice, well, before we took a minute to actually think and remember that £20 for a burger is just plain crazy.

And this is how we came to find ourselves in Byron. As it started to pour outside, Byron’s relative calm for the lunchtime hour, as well as spacious booths and the wafting scent of melted cheese was enough to entice us into the restaurant.

byron burger | soho

I have no idea why my photography is so out of focus of late!

I went for a simple classic beef burger, which comes with salad and tomato in a brioche-style bun, with a gherkin on the side. But what is that green in the middle you ask – well I couldn’t really go for a plain burger could I. I added some avocado (btw with bacon as well = amazing, but post-Christmas diet and whatnot) and my burger was thus complete.


Alex opted for a Byron burger, and to throw me super creepy faces while he ate. With bacon, cheese and their ‘special’ sauce – it wasn’t a bacon cheeseburger to write home about, but “I would eat it again”.


His friend Parker is a little on the shy side and didn’t seem too pleased when I shoved my camera in his face to take food pictures (perhaps the cause for Alex’s creepy face?), he chose to order a Chilli burger – with green chilli, American cheese, lettuce and chipotle mayonnaise. Apparently not too spicy, but with enough kick to make his beer all the more satisfying.

byron sides | soho

Iceberg wedge, courgette fries and onion rings.

Too greedy for our own good, we each ordered sides as well. I honestly could have managed without (I thought I was going to explode after my burger), but the boys were pretty hungry. Our sides included an Iceberg Wedge (with bacon bits and blue cheese dressing – nutrition what?), GIANT onion rings and courgette fries. Okay I can’t poke fun at Parker for his iceberg wedge, coz hey, after they’ve been deep-fried my fries didn’t do me much good either. But I have to note – they were the best courgette fries I’ve ever had. Dipped first in batter, it made them extra crispy and counteracted the usual sogginess courgette seems to have.

For the fries alone (plus my giant Oreo milkshake I forgot to take a picture of) I would go back to Byron. Good burgers, but nothing special!


Being the ever dutiful daughter that I am, I spent one of my ‘free’ days blackberry picking with my younger sister.

a) it got her out of the house and off of any form of electronics


b) my mum, who is super healthy and Chinese, enjoys anything organic and most importantly, free. She tends to ignore that they have grown alongside a busy road, and therefore exposed to plenty of car fumes – I never point this out, just silently laugh in my head, always in my head.

Along the way, we discovered these beautiful dried leaves. I couldn’t resist getting my camera out, especially with the soft light of the late afternoon.






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Urban blackberry picking

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Notting Hill Carnival

One of the things I love about London, is that there’s never a lack of things to do. Much less free (or fairly cheap) things at that! Notting Hill carnival is a great example of this.

It’s essentially a huge street party celebrating African-Caribbean culture, with lots of music, food, crazy costumes, and basically, tons of alcohol. It’s a two-day festival, the first masquerading as a family-friendly day. Um, not so much.

drunk fun.

drunk fun.

But if boozy fun in a post-apocalyptic setting is your kind of fun then I highly recommend it. If you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of the mesmerisingly beautiful costumes the carnival so heavily promotes, you’re better off catching the highlights online. For every year I have attended, I have yet to find where the ‘carnival’ part of the festivities are lurking. For that matter, I’ve never managed to get to the same part of the carnival as the year before. It’s that crazy.


A couple squatting amongst the rubbish to enjoy their chicken

However, for all my complaining, I did nonetheless enjoy the carnival as always. The sun was glowing – toasty warm, not sweaty warm – and there was plenty of good food and music, and not to forget, company.

Post-apocalyptic mess: streets littered and people scattered.

Post-apocalyptic mess: streets littered and people scattered.


Ever take the time to be a tourist in your own town?

Dim sum giggles.

Dim sum giggles.


Reflections at PWC


Walk down More London Place ~ where dream careers are made.

Busy busy London, always under construction.

Busy busy London, always under construction.

Dusk at the Tower Bridge

Dusk at the Tower Bridge.

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Tower Bridge


Where were you this time last year?

I for one, definitely was not sitting at a computer applying for graduate jobs. No siree! I was as far away from career-thoughts as person could ever be, speeding across Southeast Asia, dripping in sweat, possibly from the fire in my belly I feel when doing what I love – travelling. Or it could just be the insane heat. Eh, both.

It’s become a cliche, to be a student and travel, but it’s something I’ve always done. My parents still backpacked when were kids (I will never be phased by creepy hostels), even my father worked abroad for sometime. By nine years old, I was no stranger to travelling long-distance by myself.

Last summer, I had a couple months after finishing work before I had to return to England. Already in Asia, it just made sense to see more of it before leaving. And before I had ‘real’ responsibilities.

I’m sure I will get round to posting many pictures of that summer, but for now, I will leave you this beautiful sunset I was blessed to experience.


Angkor Wat, Cambodia


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TBT 2012 ~ Cambodia


Inspire me?

Happy family

Happy family: my lovely boyfriend, myself, my younger brother and my itsy bitsy mama!

I am at that really frustrating period in my life, that time where you’ve just finished those long 18 years of education and suddenly that’s it. No more goals. Of course getting a job is the next goal, but there are no more pre-decided, easily laid out goals that I’m supposed to pursue.

It’s actually really scary. Up until this point you slowly made little decisions that would ultimately shape where you would end up now. Should I take up history? No, what about maths instead? Every time you make one of these decisions it narrows down your eventual path, but they never feel like a big decision. It’s not like at 4 years old I’ve turned around and declared – I know from this point forward, I’m going to be a doctor or an accountant!

It’s not until you finish University that now, you really have to make that big decision. What are you going to be?


So please WordPress, inspire me?