Mother’s day weekend was the perfect occasion to escape life in London and to head back to the countryside. Alex has the cutest nieces and nephew who are my favourite subjects to photograph – mainly because they’re not camera shy yet 🙂

Seriously, adults are so boring to take photos of!

And as it’s creepy to post these on instagram – I assume this is why no one likes my bebe photos – here are the pics of my favourite little dumplings. Have you ever seen so many blue eyed babies!

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Happy Mother’s Day

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Suffolk’s (not-so) Spooky Scarecrow hunt!

How cute is this? I spent this weekend in little ol’ Halesworth, deep in the countryside of Suffolk… to which I happened upon a village full of scarecrows!

The idea behind it is that each shop along the village ‘high-street’ each makes their own scarecrow, related or unrelated to the shop, coming to 48 in total. Each shop then has a clue – a letter in a pumpkin – which you have to collect. You then use the letters to spell out 7 spooky words, and to make things even easier they colour code the letters for each word.

Being a city girl, I remember trick-or-treating with my friends every Halloween around my local borough, something of which I rarely see anymore! I don’t even bother buying sweets because I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone ring my doorbell during Halloween – so tragic.  So I love knowing there are these adorable village traditions out there (even if I’m not allowed to participate, apparently 23 yrs old is pushing it).

My favourite scarecrow is the Farmer (below) and the Miley Cyrus ‘crow! I am SO gutted I couldn’t get a better picture of it without the reflection!

Which one was your favourite?

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Family time

As you probably feel in your own life, no matter how ambitious you want to be about your free time, the weekends seem to fly far too quickly. For us, as a young couple living in the city, it takes tremendous will power to make time – quality time – for our family.

I don’t mean this in a bad way but how easy it is to… plan a barbeque, do the week’s worth of shopping, pop to the cinema because you stillhaven’t seen that must-see film, sunbathe, sleep, sleep some more, check in with your favourite Malay restaurant (hehe) and before you know it that’s every weekend of the month almost over!

Luckily for me, I live very nearby my family, but for Alex this means an excursion… to the country side O.O

Yup, that’s a whole weekend job.

So for Father’s day weekend, we made the trip and I got snap snap snap happy!