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C&R Cafe Restaurant ~ my favourite Malay restaurant has finally reopened!

Having been brought up with an amazing chef for a mother, force-fed (with threats of punishment for not finishing my veg) by my father, I was in for a hell of a treat when I lived in Malaysia – which in my opinion has the best food ever. Literally.

My dad worked out there when I was younger, and every summer we would fly out to visit him for two months where we would stuff our faces with tons of deep-fried food, topped off with refreshingly tropical fruits. But it wasn’t until I got the chance to live out there with him that I truly appreciated all the amazing food we were exposed to each summer.

Long story short, I cried a lot (on the inside) when my favourite Malaysian restaurant was closed for refurbishment. I’m pretty sure my mum mentioned to me once how she was so upset having arrived at the restaurant finding it wasn’t open, and we both just sat there with the same face sulking about it. I LOVE their food at C&R. It’s cheap, it’s authentic and  they serve huge portions!

C&R Cafe | Chinatown

My Wat Tan Hor – flat rice noodle in egg gravy!

I love love love Wat Tan Hor. If I’m feeling sad – Wat Tan Hor; if I’m feeling travel-withdrawals – Wat Tan Hor; if I’m feeling HUNGRY – Wat Tan Hor. Ha, you get it right? I just love this dish. It’s a comfort food improvement on Char Kway Teow (which has achieved comfort food status in it’s own right). The rice noodles are given the stir fry treatment, which gives it that perfectly moreish wok-char on the noodle. Topped with seafood, pork, veges and an egg gravy – this dish lets the flavours of each of the ingredients stand out on their own.


Mee Siam topped with lemon, rather than lime.

Alex went for a Mee Siam – he was craving a meaty stir fried noodle dish without the sauce. Prawn, chicken, fried beancurd and shredded omelette over skinny rice noodles make this dish. It has a tangy sweet taste with a hint of spice. It’s an easy dish to try if you’re not quite sure about Malay food, but know you love Chinese.

On prior visits we’ve had Nasi Lemak, Nasi Goreng, Singapore Laksa, Mee Goreng etc. all the classics – and they have gone down well each and every time. I can’t say I’ve ever had a bad dish here and the portions are honestly massive. They even serve Teh Tarik and bubble tea! Avoid the Roti Chanai however, as it’s the frozen version rather than fresh! Boo!

Our meal came to £18 for the two dishes plus jasmine tea each.

It has been recently decorated – but it doesn’t change how small it is inside (I felt like I was dining with the couple on the table next to us), and the service is a little on the moody side – however, this doesn’t stop this restaurant from being a great place to hit while in central London!

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Post-spiration! How could I have been so blind…

While I can finger-point and complain all I want over my lack of blogging and the reasons for it – all along I had a brilliant idea always there at the tip of my tongue. Quite literally.

I should blog more about food.

I love food. I literally love food (I use this phrase incorrectly as I know it will frustrate the likes of Mr. Stephan Fry and my boyfriend mainly, as well as many other grammar nazis), but I do literally love food.

All I think about is food. As a typical Malaysian (okay, adopted Malaysian – as in I have adopted their culture) my day is planned around what to eat. Friends visiting me, and other days out, are planned around what/where to eat. I recently visited the Malaysia and Japan Food Festivals (both coincidentally in Trafalgar Square) over two consecutive nights just so I could stuff my face with tasty, tasty food. The efficiency nut in me cried with the thought of visiting the same place twice in two days, as clearly that is an inefficient use of money to go twice in two days. But the hungry and obese food lover inside of me quickly squished any protests from efficiency-nut me, and so I visited, twice.

However, my blog will not become a food-centric blog, I still wish to blog about other things. But blogging a little more about food will not only give me plenty of fresh material, but I think it should motivate me to hit blog-mode a lot more often. And besides, I’m pretty sure I stumbled across an article claiming that looking at enticing food photos makes you slimmer!

Or not, but blogging more about food I shall!!



Where were you this time last year?

I for one, definitely was not sitting at a computer applying for graduate jobs. No siree! I was as far away from career-thoughts as person could ever be, speeding across Southeast Asia, dripping in sweat, possibly from the fire in my belly I feel when doing what I love – travelling. Or it could just be the insane heat. Eh, both.

It’s become a cliche, to be a student and travel, but it’s something I’ve always done. My parents still backpacked when were kids (I will never be phased by creepy hostels), even my father worked abroad for sometime. By nine years old, I was no stranger to travelling long-distance by myself.

Last summer, I had a couple months after finishing work before I had to return to England. Already in Asia, it just made sense to see more of it before leaving. And before I had ‘real’ responsibilities.

I’m sure I will get round to posting many pictures of that summer, but for now, I will leave you this beautiful sunset I was blessed to experience.


Angkor Wat, Cambodia


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TBT 2012 ~ Cambodia