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The Big Easy ~ Covent Garden

Burger and Lobster? Burger and Lobster who I say!

The Big Easy is my new go-to recommended whenever any says anything ‘lobster’ related.

In fact I’d be tempted to say it’s my go-to BBQ recommended too! (I’m sorry Bodean’s, I didn’t mean it!)

Why do I highly recommend The Big Easy? Because the food is big, and the choice is easy. If you fancy reliable, yet filling Lobster meal – then the Big Easy’s for you. If you want said Lobster meal to come with all the trimmings AND an icy cocktail that’s altogether still cheaper than its competitors, then The Big Easy’s still for you.

Don’t believe me – take at look at this:


Sorry for my poor photo quality – mood lighting does not make for good photography lighting!

All this Lobster goodness (plus icy cocktail don’t forget) for £20. Ah, okay so it’s not your everyday meal, but it’s worth the treat; I felt real good sitting there in my bib.


Me in my bib, waiting patiently (not patiently) for my Lobster

But what else is on the menu – excuse my poor manners – plenty, I say, plenty.

One of the big draws about The Big Easy is that it regularly has deals for the food aficionado and bargain hunter among us. Each night of the week there’s a different Deep South inspired deal, I remember seeing unlimited shrimp, BBQ, steak and lobster amongst these nightly deals. It’s also known (although I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing it) for it’s live music.

Live music and great deals – what more could you want!

I’ll tell you what – great decor! Yes, it ticks all the boxes. I visited The Big Easy Covent Garden branch (it’s second branch after it’s flagship restaurant on King’s road) only a few weeks after launch, and after having read quite a ton of terrible reviews regarding service I happened to have a pretty hitch-free and extremely enjoyable dining experience. Ask for Mike, he’ll crack jokes and tie your bib for you, one of the few times I’ve felt a waiter fully deserved a generous tip.

I hope The Big Easy stays like this, I can’t wait to book a return visit 🙂



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