Recruiters: Evil or misunderstood?

Minding my own business one Friday afternoon, I hear my phone gently ringing from my jacket pocket. I sneak a peak – withheld number – a call from my agency?


“Hi, do you hate your job you must hate your job please take this job I am offering.*”

uh, what?

When I realise who is on the end of the line, I politely, yet firmly decline letting this recruiter know I have a job thank you, and yes, I am quite happy in said job.

Sound familiar? Because this is where the conversation should have ended. With the lady on the phone graciously accepting that I was not in need of her company’s services and that I was very sorry I could not be of help. Alas, she continued.

This particular lady went on to tell me that I was “naive and ridiculous” in thinking that I could get a job on my own – that the job market was too fierce. I’m sorry, I am entirely aware that the job market isn’t at its best right now – being the one suffering for it…

But what offended me more was that she proceeded to completely undermine my abilities, yet in the same breath say that I was a perfect candidate for this job she had.

Reasons why I am angry:
1. She claimed that she was a specialist Analyst Recruiter, yet couldn’t explain a candidate/experience attribute I was required to have – as she didn’t have any experience as an Analyst.
2. That I should commute for 1.5 hrs to Kent. I live in London.
3. That I was unrealistic to think that I could get jobs on my own. (yes, I repeated this one but it really made me mad.)

Am I being out of line? I personally don’t think that anybody should have the right to insult you, and be rude to you – especially if it is with the sole intent of meeting their own targets. People shouldn’t have to be treated like meat?

*Okay, not really, but she might as well have said it like this.


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