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My one true love ~ Roka

Enough about all these other restaurants, they were just mere flirtations. Now we’re talking about the real deal here – my one true love – Roka.

My love for Roka bloomed 4 short years ago, when one Chinese New Year we happened to book this as our New Year’s eve feast. Let me explain how it works.

Part of the magic of Roka is not just its culinary expertise, its mood lighting, or even its open plan kitchen for me too oogle anyone and everyone’s food. The magic lies in the word buffet.

Ordinarily buffet is such a tainted word. A hideously diseased word. But at Roka, it’s an elusive invitation to the most popular kid at school’s birthday party. And you got the seat right in front of the birthday cake.

When Roka seductively utters buffet, what it really means is – we’ll spend 4 hours making the freshest sushi, most succulent barbecue, crispest salads and tantalising soups that you could ever wish for. And you can have as much as you want. Really, as much as you want. And I’ll just keep making it.

mussels japanese food starter

Nibbles and more from our buffet starter selection.

bellini sushi egg salmon

Bellini’s and sushi – yum yum!

Chee eating salad | Roka

Chee eating salad? Books for Christmas?

On top of as-much-as-you-want sushi/bbq/salad/soup, I’ll also throw in unlimited wine, table snacks (such as the delicious beef dumplings below), a main course (see even further below) and to top it all off, a ice-cradled dessert platter.

Beef dumplings | Roka

Piping hot beef dumplings – brought straight from the kitchen to our table.

baby back ribs

These baby back ribs is the only thing that held the dinner together. My brother becomes Hulk without baby back ribs, our family dinner hanging precariously on my brother’s mood.

teriyaki salmon

Teriyaki salmon is shy

giant king prawn tempura

The most giant king prawn tempura you ever laid eyes on.

beef steak teriyaki

My steak. I was soon over the fact they had cut up my steak for me (who does this) when I let a piece of beef melt on my tongue – god it was delicious.

lau family group photo

Herro Lau family + Alex! He’s still referred to as ‘plus Alex’. Something to do with having a lot more facial bone structure than us I suspect.

Before I complete this post with more food photos – this was actually our Lau family (plus Alex) Christmas dinner. As Chinese and conflictingly British as we are, we do celebrate Christmas, but we want the tastiest food to celebrate it with – whether it be Japanese 😉

dessert platter

Yummy! Smaller than our portion we received on our first visit 4 years ago, and far less selection, but one mustn’t be picky after one has eaten all of the food.

passionfruit ice cream

Secret passion fruit explosion inside of our ice cream.

alex mowles pohlin lau

Even shier than the teriyaki salmon. Who woulda thunk?

Merry Christmas, everybody!* **
*in my best Dr. Nick voice
**Simpsons fans, you know who you are.


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