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The only Turkish food for me: Sahan Restaurant

A quick, yet multipurpose post – yes I am alive and sorry yet again – but here’s some food.

A couple weeks ago (yes, really that long ago) I visited Sahan, a Turkish restaurant based in Ilford. While I had been to the Cineworld above many a time, I have only had the opportunity to visit Sahan once before.

My first visit to Sahan was for a leaving party dinner. I say party, as our farewell dinner unfortunately happened to coincide with someone else’s wedding party. I guess it was a wedding party because the music was that loud, and for some reason or other, the restaurant had felt that by partitioning the wedding party from the rest of the restaurant with several shower curtains that would be enough to keep the sound out.

Erh no. 

I definitely could still hear the music. I definitely also could not hear anything else.

So why am I talking about the restaurant then, despite having been audibly assaulted by music and traumatised by the managers lack of sincere apology?

Because the food was delicious.


Sahan platter to share, £26: a mixed grill selection of meats served on a bed of bulgar wheat and rice.

For our second visit to Sahan, a noticeably smaller party – we chose a mixed grill platter. This was to share between my brother, my sister and I.

Now, I am not a fan of chicken on the bone (having been brought up vegetarian I have a genuine aversion to seeing gristle and tearing flesh from bones), but I make a serious exception for their chicken wings. Perfectly seasoned, and perfectly grilled – I took the rest home for my very hungry boyfriend to demolish.


Salmon Izgara, £11.50: A beautifully grilled salmon fillet served with a mixed salad.

For my pescetarian mother (we’re an odd family, we are, with our fussy food lifestyles), she chose a grilled salmon to eat.

My favourite part however, is before the meal has even officially started – their meze offerings. Before you’ve even begun to contemplate what you want to eat, you’ll be served a basket of freshly baked Turkish bread alongside a cool cucumber yogurt dip. Yum yum.

All in all, I love the food – but don’t expect great service…


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