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My local: Taste of India

I love food, but I love food even more when I can afford it.

Ever dreamt of a meal for two that costs a mere £12? Mains so fulfilling (notice I used fulfilling, not just filling!) that you needn’t bother with a starter?

Well you can my friend, at Taste of India, you truly can.

Warning: this is not your usual curry house. In fact, I dare you to skip the curry – it’s all about the Dosa at Taste of India. What is Dosa? It’s a savoury rice & lentil pancake that comes in a variety of magical forms. Fancy more carbs? Make it a Masala Dosa, packed with potato curry. Fancy wearing it? Order a Paper Dosa, formed like a large crispy party hat, it’s just as satisfying to eat as it is to wear. Not content? Why not go for a Family Dosa? A six foot monstrosity, enough to fill your family and the table next to you. (Unfortunately Family Dosa only exists at my former love, the Chennai Dosa chain, but you get my drift – there are a lot of Dosa variations to be had!)

So last Friday, the boy and I found ourselves drifting longingly towards Taste of India, in search for some sweet relief from cooking duties (thanks Friday feeling), but also an excuse to get our Dosa fix.

Alex had the Onion Rava Masala Dosa (Onion goes into the pancake batter, the potato Masala goes into the Dosa, and the Rava meaning it is a Semolina batter rather than rice/lentil). This is my favourite out of all the Dosa variations, and while Dosa is usually a breakfast dish back in Malaysia, it’s so good as a dinner too. For £3.80, I could eat it all day, any meal!


Onion Rava Masala Dosa served with daal and a variety of coconut chutneys.

Now call me crazy, but I did have to go for the bigger meal, see?


This beauty is the Punjabi Thaali. I know I can’t finish it when I order it, but it doesn’t stop me ordering it all the same. What you can see from the photo is basically a huge mound of rice (which no human could ever finish without exploding like a pigeon. Okay, except that every male Indian in the restaurant manages to finish his rice – just not me), the rice comes with a variety of curries – sweet and savoury. You always get a paneer, potato and chickpea curry, as well as cauliflower fritters (yummy), but the others tend to vary. They also then to throw in at least two sweets – usually a semolina dessert and a Gulab Jamun.

But that’s just not enough…


I get a poppadom and chapatti just to top it all off.

We did not finish these dishes. My boyfriend is a dustbin, yet he could not help me finish this. And all for £12 – why would you ever eat anywhere else???

Note – all South Indian restaurants serve complimentary water, in Taste of India’s case, it’s bottled water. Perfect accompaniment to a heavy, extremely satisfying meal.

Now it’s almost Friday again, I might, probably just end up there again tomorrow!


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