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What do you have as your desktop wallpaper?

This thought occurred to me while I was in between tasks earlier – I had my desktop wallpaper within my gaze just momentarily before I begun my next task of the day – why is this my wallpaper?

I recently upgraded to Mountain Lion OSX (rather redundantly I admit as Maverick will be released soon), but having waited until after my University exams had finished just incase I had the rare misfortune that any of my precious files would be lost in the process.

One of my favourite things about finally getting rid of Snow Leopard (yes, the upgrade was long overdue) was that I would be able to say goodbye to just ONE wallpaper! One wallpaper – pfft – restricted to having only one wallpaper was for peasants I’d scoff as I happily took to iPhoto to start choosing which of my favourite snaps would get to adorn my desktop.

Why am I talking about my OSX upgrade? Bear with me, this is relevant.

I am a huge, huge picture person. I love having pictures everywhere – especially my dorm room, where photos would literally hide line the hospital-blue walls of my teeny tiny room. It makes me feel happy, I like being surrounded by memories and so most of my photos would often be of summers abroad or of old friends from back home. And because these photos did make me happy (and less homesick, lonely, sad or whatever) I most enjoyed photos which reminded me of a happy occasion itself.

The reason I mention this is because choosing hundreds of photos for my wall is one thing – theres not much need for being selective. My desktop wallpaper however – would have to be the crème de la crème – it held the most coveted spot of them all!

During my year in Hong Kong, I generally had a really bad time. While it was a life-changing experience (you don’t often get these opportunities) I really struggled emotionally. I found it difficult to survive with those whom I worked and lived with. One thing that helped me focus on the important things, was having photos of those important things – and this is where my desktop wallpaper came in – it was my favourite photo of my Boyfriend and I in Perhentian.


This photo was my happy-photo not just because my partner is in it – but because Perhentian and that holiday represented a time/place where I was so unbelievably content and at peace. I could look at the photo and it just made everything okay.

So when I glanced at my desktop wallpaper today – I guess I was surprised at what I had chosen. (See my points are all coming together – sort of).


A photo I’d taken during a walk one evening. The place doesn’t hold that much significance to me, but I just think the photo is really pretty.

It’s the above photo more than anything – my wallpaper’s overall are not far removed from the type I would choose before, just it’s interesting to reflect on the subtle change in the reasons for my choice of wallpaper.


My partner, teeny mother and sister. This picture reminds me of the people I should take care of in my life, who I can offer my unconditional support to.


This picture just makes me smile – it’s Alex’s baby niece. She’s only 6 months in this picture but she’s so big! Her adorably chubby face is enough to make anyone smile

What is it that determines what type of desktop wallpaper you choose?
Do you prefer generic wallpapers that don’t distract from the work you need to do on your computer?
Or perhaps you have a favourite photo or person that is your go-to wallpaper?
During exams I often like to use an ‘organisational wallpaper’ with sections to organise desktop icons – is this something you would choose?


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