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Notting Hill Carnival

One of the things I love about London, is that there’s never a lack of things to do. Much less free (or fairly cheap) things at that! Notting Hill carnival is a great example of this.

It’s essentially a huge street party celebrating African-Caribbean culture, with lots of music, food, crazy costumes, and basically, tons of alcohol. It’s a two-day festival, the first masquerading as a family-friendly day. Um, not so much.

drunk fun.

drunk fun.

But if boozy fun in a post-apocalyptic setting is your kind of fun then I highly recommend it. If you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of the mesmerisingly beautiful costumes the carnival so heavily promotes, you’re better off catching the highlights online. For every year I have attended, I have yet to find where the ‘carnival’ part of the festivities are lurking. For that matter, I’ve never managed to get to the same part of the carnival as the year before. It’s that crazy.


A couple squatting amongst the rubbish to enjoy their chicken

However, for all my complaining, I did nonetheless enjoy the carnival as always. The sun was glowing – toasty warm, not sweaty warm – and there was plenty of good food and music, and not to forget, company.

Post-apocalyptic mess: streets littered and people scattered.

Post-apocalyptic mess: streets littered and people scattered.


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