Daily Prompt: (Thy name is) Procrastination

Daily Prompt: Procrastination.

What haven’t I been putting off?

I got upset with myself just today on this very topic. Procrastination. Now I don’t procrastinate occasionally, I’m literally one big procrastination. I don’t think that makes sense grammatically, but I think you get my point.

There I was earlier, lying apathetically on the sofa, feeling sorry for myself because I was too tired and sleepy to do anything. What am I thinking about whilst I laze? – How much I hate being lazy and feeling useless. And what do I do about it? – Not much.

Now today was a good day. I’m proud to say that after a good cry, I did get my miserable butt off of that sofa and went for a wheezy run to wake myself up a bit. But usually, I let myself believe that funny cat pictures* take precedence over job applications, exercise, blogging, and anything else that would actually make me a better, I-don’t-feel-sorry-for-myself person.

Well, here’s to tomorrow, let’s hope I can be more productive than the day before.

*I wish it was as purposeful as funny cat pictures, it’s more aimless Googling.


5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: (Thy name is) Procrastination

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