Rooftop Cinema ~ Untouchables

Untouchables is hands-down one of my favourite films ever. I mean it! If you haven’t seen it yet, I strongly encourage you to do so!

This brilliantly written, shot, composed, casted, everything French film was released last year, and is based on a true story of a white quadriplegic aristocrat – Philipe – and, in the film’s case, black criminal-turned-carer – Driss. I only mention race, as the film has used it to illustrate and emphasise the class differences between the two men – in fact the real Driss is actually an Abdul, and Arabic.

Without giving too much away, as I believe this film is capable of standing on its own, this really is a beautiful film. Every time I watch it, I have this big, ecstatic grin across my chubby face and this warm feeling in the very depths of my belly (I should say soul; soul sounds far more poetic).


My reason for gushing so heartily and now, is that as a 2-year anniversary gift, I treated my boyfriend to watch Untouchables at the Rooftop Film Club in London. It’s such a fun concept, a crowd of people strewn upon rows of beach chairs, up on the rooftops of London. Enjoy the warm sunset as you sip on cocktails and nibble on popcorn watching your favourite films. I remember coming across the same company whilst living in Hong Kong – so if an outdoor cinema sounds like your thing, then definitely check out their website!

Well enough promoting from me – which I must add is all my own opinion, but I do thoroughly recommend both – here are some pictures to feast your eyes on. Having only taken my phone with me, I do apologise for the potato quality!


The beach chairs and outdoor screen!


The boy’s steak burger, with king prawn and nachos!


My slooooow-cooked pulled pork burrito – both treats were sold at the Rooftop Film Club!


The peaceful sunset over London


We’d arrived almost 3 hours early, and by the time the film started we were freezing! Luckily, we were given bright red snuggies to warm ourselves up!


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