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BBQ weather ~


With all this lovely weather that England has been experiencing – which sadly is fast disappearing – myself amongst many, are enjoying the opportunity to dust off that barbecue and get reacquainted with some good ol’ barbecue foods!

Unlike American BBQ, from my understanding (and constant watching of Man vs. Food re-runs), us Brits are far less adventurous when it comes to what we choose to grill. But my lust for American BBQ is for another post, another day!

I hate to admit it, much less immortalise it online, but no barbecue is complete without SAUSAGES! Morrisons sells THE MOST delicious sausages – to my surprise – having stumbled across their Chipotle Chilli sausages, as well as their version of the classic Pork & Apple.

Image –

Whilst happily stocking up on sausages, We (my boyfriend and I) had the idea that we would make our own ribs. By make I mean buy a cut of ribs, a pack of seasoning mix and voila mixed together it would make succulent, juicy ribs. We went for – ready for it – the Grill Mates Deep South Brown Sugar Marinade mix. Mix the spices in with Tennessee whiskey and white wine vinegar and its ready to baste and marinate on the ribs.  And this is where my jealousy of American BBQ cooking comes from – had these ribs been smoked or barbecued for several hours before they would have been fall-off-the-bone perfect, but delicious they were nonetheless!


Not to be overloaded by meat – I love to include some grilled peppers and halloumi in some fresh crusty bread. I always add a little mint just to make those flavours explode in my mouth – the perfect mix of sweet, salty and that little bit of freshness from the mint.


I’m not a dog person in the slightest, in fact, I’ve always been fairly terrified (it always stems from my neighbour’s big fluffy white dog from when I was a little child, whom in retrospect was just extra friendly) that I’ve never felt that comfortable around dogs. That is until these two, Peanut Butter and Eddie!


“Did we just become best friends, I think so!”


To round off the barbecue – some scrummy Krispy Kremes!


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