Inspire me?

Happy family

Happy family: my lovely boyfriend, myself, my younger brother and my itsy bitsy mama!

I am at that really frustrating period in my life, that time where you’ve just finished those long 18 years of education and suddenly that’s it. No more goals. Of course getting a job is the next goal, but there are no more pre-decided, easily laid out goals that I’m supposed to pursue.

It’s actually really scary. Up until this point you slowly made little decisions that would ultimately shape where you would end up now. Should I take up history? No, what about maths instead? Every time you make one of these decisions it narrows down your eventual path, but they never feel like a big decision. It’s not like at 4 years old I’ve turned around and declared – I know from this point forward, I’m going to be a doctor or an accountant!

It’s not until you finish University that now, you really have to make that big decision. What are you going to be?


So please WordPress, inspire me?


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